About Us

Lone Star Liberty is made up of everyday Americans who understand the value of the U.S. Constitution. Seeing the rampant corruption that has infested our government, We the People have realized that the time for talk and hoping the government will fix the problem is over. Government is the problem, and is in need of massive reform. From the individual states, to Washington DC, the government machine of America has grown so large that it cannot be held accountable, and acts as if it is above the very laws written.

Among our goals is the removal of elected officials who disregard the Constitution, engage in insider trading, crony capitalism, benefit unduly from their position, and attempt to make themselves exempt from laws that the American people are held to.

We demand that America be returned to We the People, so that there is real hope for the future, real economic growth, and that we can all sleep at night knowing our freedoms are to being protected by those in government who were voted in to represent us.

NOTE: We are not connected to Lone Star Liberty Fund PAC.