Democrat Lawmakers Attack, Threaten Texas State Rep. Matt Rinaldi

A group of protesters invade the Texas Capitol chanting in Spanish and holding signs that say “I am illegal and here to stay”.

By Anna Golden

On May 29, 2017, the last day of 85th legislative session in Texas, proponents of illegal immigration made a spectacle of themselves to protest a bill that had already been signed into law. That piece of theatre eventually led to an altercation on the House floor which left one Conservative lawmaker physically assaulted and placed under DPS protection due to threats on his life.

To understand how this ended we have to go back to the beginning. On November 14, 2016 Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced his top ten legislative priorities for the upcoming session, #4 on his list was addressing sanctuary cities.  While no Texas cities were officially declared sanctuary cities yet, many high ranking law enforcement personnel and elected officials had publicly stated a sanctuary-like stance previously.  Senate Bill #4 specifically disallows for the establishment of sanctuary cities and allows for the removal of elected officials who attempt to do so. The legislative session began on January tenth and right at a month later, on February 9, 2017 the Senate’s bill addressing sanctuary cities (SB4) was sent to the House where it languished until the session was almost over. On April 26, an extremely watered down and toothless version of the bill made it to the House floor for debate. Texas Freedom Caucus members Matt Schaefer and Matt Rinaldi managed to get two amendments added back to the bill which made the legislation more like (some say that it is actually stronger) what the Senate passed months before. The bill was signed into law by Governor Abbott on May 9, 2017 and will go into effect on September 1, 2017.

Despite previous ineffective protests before the bill was signed into law failing to stop the legislation, proponents of illegal immigration manufactured one last piece of stagecraft on the issue during the legislative session. On Memorial Day, consequently also the last day of the session hundreds of protestors wearing shirts that said “Lucha” or “Fight” and carrying signs and banners invaded the Texas Capitol and filled the House gallery. Texas House rules state that no one in the gallery is allowed to show support for or opposition against any legislation. The protestors became very loud and disruptive and many Democratic members on the House floor cheered and encouraged their disruptive behavior.

Representative Matt Rinaldi noted that many of the protestors were chanting and carrying signs stating that they were illegal immigrants. In an effort to restore order, Rinaldi called the proper law enforcement officials to deal with those particular law breakers. He announced to fellow Representatives on the House floor that he had just called I.C.E. That angered many of the Democratic lawmakers that depend on the support of the immigrant community, including illegals, to get elected every year and they turned on Rinaldi in a mob.

There is video from the House floor showing several men converging on Rep Rinaldi, yelling at his face, pushing and shoving him and otherwise acting like bullies instead of respectful elected officials. These officials say that Rinaldi was profiling them” because they are brown”. Rinaldi has clearly stated that he called I.C.E. because they were openly stating that they were here illegally, that would be like profiling an ax murderer who stands over a dead body and says “I did it”. Rinaldi and other witnesses have named the most aggressive attacker as Representative Ramon Romero Jr. Ironically, this isn’t the first time that Romero has been linked to lawless behavior. When Aaron Harris with Direct Action Texas broke the news that he had uncovered massive voter fraud in Tarrant County, there was enough evidence against a few elected officials to prove they had won only because of that fraud. Romero was one of those individuals. Arguably, Romero shouldn’t even be on the House floor at all and if he was complicit in the vote harvesting he should be behind bars with the illegals he’s defending. It has also been reported by Rinaldi and witnesses that Representative Poncho Nevarez told him that he would “get him on the way to his car”. Nevarez then stated “You have to leave sometime, I will get you”. Rinaldi then let him know that he would have no problem with defending himself against an assault with deadly force (a right that Democratic lawmakers haven’t successfully taken away, despite their best efforts).

When you search for news stories about this event, it is overwhelming the amount of results that lead with Rinaldi’s profession of self-defense and make it seem as if he was the one issuing the threat in this situation. The media is the puppet of the Left and this instance is only further proof of that fact. It is important that Conservatives speak out and make sure that the truth is heard and the facts are not skewed in order to combat the media narrative. Matt Rinaldi called I.C.E. on individuals who were admitting publicly to being lawbreakers. Matt Rinaldi was physically assaulted by Ramon Romero (who won his seat through voter fraud). Matt Rinaldi was threatened with future violence by Poncho Nevarez. Those are the facts. Don’t let anyone get away with stating them in any other way.

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