Joaquin Castro to Challenge Ted Cruz for Senate in 2018?

By guest contributor George H. Rodriguez – El Conservador

Democrat Congressman Joaquin Castro from San Antonio has announced a possible 2018 run against Senator Ted Cruz. He did it while discussing the recent ICE detainers during a speech at in Austin on Saturday, Feb 11.

Castro said, “I am looking at the Senate race right now with Ted Cruz. I think [Cruz] tunes out most of Texas, and doesn’t work on their behalf.”

Castro’s comment is full of irony since he has tuned out the Republican voters in his district. He rarely, if ever, meets with them or asks their opinion on any issue.

Secondly, he was in Austin protesting the immigration deportations of illegal aliens. Apparently he thinks more about people who are not citizens and who broke the law to enter Texas and the country, than his own constituents who happen to be of the opposite political party.

Thirdly, Castro has shown his lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution and the and lack of respect to the voters in Texas and the rest of the country when he threatened to file impeachment papers against President Donald Trump. It appears Castro does not understand the Electoral College, nor respects the will of voters in 30 states including his own state, Texas.

Maria del Rosario “Rosie” Castro and her sons, Joaquin and Julian

Finally, voters in Texas should remember Castro and his brother twin brother Julian the former HUD Secretary and mayor of San Antonio, were raised by a single mother, Rosa Castro. She was an active member of the Raza Unity Party and the La Raza movement in the 1970s. These two groups were influenced by Saul Alinsky and the Aztlan Reconquista movement that sought (seeks) to return Texas and the southwest U.S (what they call “Mexico’s conquered and occupied lands”) to Mexico.

Castro and his brother have shown themselves to be more interested in their political careers than in being public servants to all Americans. Their goal and agenda is about obtaining power for their liberal agenda.

Texans would be well advised to watch Castro’s move and prepare to oppose his next political move.