Trump Orders Voter Fraud Commission


via NewshawkNetwork

The creation of the “Election Integrity Commission” is one campaign promise that must be implemented long before the 2018 mid-term election. The Commission Chair is Vice President Mike Pence with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach serving as Vice-Chairman.

Kris Kobach is a long-standing opponent of voter and election fraud and illegal immigration. Elections are all state run but having the Commission provide access to the federal database of all known non-citizens residing in or visiting the United States is a major boost to combating fraud.

Access by the states to this federal database to check their voter registrations for citizenship status was never allowed by the federal government. All requests by the states to access the federal database ‘were always denied’ says Vice-Chair Kris Kobach.

The commission is expected to include democrats, but far-left progressive pressure groups are calling for a democrat boycott according to Breitbart News.

All the data and private investigations that center on the existence of massive voter and election fraud are routinely dismissed and denied by many election officials despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas has done significant investigative reporting on the subject and has video archives of election fraud. When such evidence was presented to Minnesota, the state officials glibly dismissed it.

There is no question that voter and election fraud in the United States is a massive problem. Millions of illegal votes are being cast nationally every election season. A nationwide Gallup poll confirms that 70% of Americans have little to no confidence in the honesty and integrity of elections.

Though democrats, their fake news media propaganda arm and special interest groups all cry foul and engage in their now infamous hissy-fit tantrums; America knows that establishment candidates are dependent upon fraud to win elections.

That was a big reason why Donald Trump is President and millions of Americans came to the voting booth for the first time ever or in many, many years.

The Commission exists to investigate problems effecting election integrity; to study and make recommendations for reform and better practices; to allow states use of the federal governments huge database to confirm citizenship and resolve large scale fraudulent voting; provide a firm information foundation with verifiable facts about issues surrounding voter and election fraud.

The far-left believes that simple common sense measures like proof of citizenship when registering to vote, and showing identification when voting are suppression and discrimination. Its things like that that account for why 70% of America has no confidence in the integrity of the current system.