Who Determines Your Right to Exist


By Charles Brey

Who chooses who has the right to live and who must die?

Whomever pays the piper, gets to call the dance.

What happens when the piper pays himself with the money he’s stolen from you?
He starts playing to his own tune, forcing you dance as his puppet.

This is what’s happens under any government controlled health care; single-payer, Obamacare, or the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).  Here in the US the opposition to Obamacare was ridiculed for talking about “Death Panels” that would decide who is allowed to receive health care and who isn’t; who lives and who dies.

Today a very real scenario is playing out in the UK.  The British Courts upheld the decision of one such NHS “Death Panel”, and have determined, contrary to his parents pleas, that Charlie Gard must die.


The very fact that we are conceived in the womb is proof that God grants us the most basic of human rights, the right to life, to exist.  This very right is being stripped away in the name of dignity.  How dignified is life when is can be legislated away in the name of “healthcare”, or arbitrarily decided by bureaucratic fiat?  

It’s time to take back our lives, take back our healthcare, and make the piper dance to our tune.

Choose Life.  God did, and so should we all.